Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the Manor?

Prices vary depending on the day of the week, how much space is rented and how many hours are needed. Please see our rate sheet for details.

How much is the Security Deposit to rent the Manor?

The security deposit is $300 for less than 100 people at the event and $500 for more than 100 people at the event.

When is the Manor open?

The Manor is open seven days a week and most holidays from 7:00am to 12:00pm midnight.

How big is the Manor?

The Manor has 5000 square feet of usable interior space not including the kitchen and bathrooms. The main ballroom is 3240 square feet, the Lobby is 1160 square feet and the small conference room is 396 square feet. The Manor also includes two porches on the front and back of the building and a large pergola in the rear. 

How many people can the Manor accommodate?

The main ballroom can seat up to 250 people banquet or reception style, 200 classroom style and 250 theatre style. 

How do I get a tour of the Manor?

Please call Steve Hasterok at 803-754-0501 or email him at: to schedule a tour.

Can alcohol be served in the Manor?

Yes, alcohol can be served. We recommend using a licensed, bonded bartending service.

Can I use my own caterer and/or decorator?

Yes, you can use your own caterer and decorator as the Manor does not provide these services. Caterers and decorators are responsible for taking out their trash after an event.

Does the Manor provide linens and tablecloths?

No, the Manor does not provide these items.

Does the Manor allow candles?

Yes, we will allow small tea lights or votive candles. Large open flame or free standing candles are not allowed.

Is there a kitchen in the Manor?

Yes, the Manor has a full catering kitchen equipped with two warming ovens, a microwave, ice machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, sinks, and plenty of storage cabinets and counter space.

Are tables and chairs provided when I rent the Manor?

Yes, all tables and chairs are provided free of charge when you rent the Manor except for the Pergola area. 

Can we pick up items left after an event at a later time?

Normally, no. All items brought into the Manor must be removed the day of the event. For special consideration please consult the Manor Director.

How many tables and chairs does the Manor have?

We have 300 chairs, 30 sixty- inch round tables (can seat up to ten people), 50 cocktail tables, 30 eight foot rectangular tables, some six foot tables and computer tables.

Can I bring my own tables and chairs to use in the Manor?

Yes, you can bring your own tables and chairs, furniture and bars if you desire.

Does the Manor have a dance floor?

Yes, the Manor has a dance floor for rent. It is 16 feet by 16 feet, wood parquet with a gold edge.

Does the Manor have LCD projectors and a sound system?

Yes, the Manor has 3 LCD projectors built into the ceiling, screens, a house sound system, a hand held wired microphone, handheld wireless microphone and a lavaliere microphone that can be rented.

Does the Manor have a preferred vendor list?

No, the Manor does not have a list of preferred vendors. Lessees are free to use the vendors of their choice.

Does the Manor have Wi-Fi?

Yes, the Manor has free Wi-Fi.